Can You Teach Yourself to Play the Harmonica?

Teach yourself the Harmonica

The harmonica isn’t one of the most popular instruments in the world for no reason.  As well as being well priced, it is also relatively easy to play.  We use the word relatively here because there is a lot of patience involved, and a mastering of skills which can take time.

But, once you can control your breathing and can sound different notes, you will be well on your way to becoming a competent harmonica player.

The tips below will help start your journey to becoming a harmonica player.

Find a good quality course

A good quality harmonica course will start you on the road to success.  It is much better to learn from experts than to try and teach yourself.

Look for a course that explains the basic about tabs, and also shows basic instruction on how to hold a harmonica and how to start blowing and playing.

Finally, choose a course that relates specifically to a genre of music that you are choosing.  If you want to play blues or jazz, make sure the course teaches you how to do this.

It goes without saying, but you also need to ensure that the course is made for the harmonica that you have.  A simple fact we know, but well worth double checking.

Jam with better musicians than yourself

See these jam sessions in the same way as you would time with a mentor.  If you hang out and play with better harmonica players than yourself, you will improve quickly, and will also learn some great tips and tricks from them.

This is information that you simply can’t buy.

Seek inspiration

Listen to some of the best harmonica music around.  Listen to the classics.  See what you like about the music you are listening to and inspire yourself to play as well as you can.

Practice, practice and more practice

No harmonica player or musician gets good by not practicing.  Period!

If you want to become a good player then you need to put in the time, it’s as simple as that.

To start, put aside five hours a week to play and practice.  This should be at an absolute minimum.  In fact 10 hours a week would be better.  The more you practice the faster you will learn and the quicker it will take to master your instrument.

Just remember that the best harmonica players didn’t get there by accident.  They practiced their mouths off day and night to become the best players that they can be.

Use your emotions to help you play

The harmonica is one of the most emotional instruments you can play.  How you are feeling on the inside can turn into beautiful music.

Use this to your advantage and let your emotions out through your music.  When you do this it can be a beautiful thing.  It also keeps you practicing and enables you to deal with any emotions that you may have at that time.

Work on music that is unfamiliar

When we practice we often get into a slump and play music that we are comfortable with.  You need to break out of this from time to time.

Every few weeks play different music or a different genre.  It will improve your skills and will also keep you feeling fresh.

It does take time and effort to become a good harmonica player.  However, the sacrifices are worth it.  Once you become a good player you can create beautiful music and enjoy this music with friends and family.  Find a good harmonica course and get started!

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