Five Little Known Tips to Make You a Great Harmonica Player

 Becoming Great at Playing the Harmonica

Becoming a harmonica player is a great way to improve your health, reduce your stress levels and improve your overall happiness.

If you are a harmonica player and you want to improve your skills, then the tips below will head you in the right direction.

You may not become a Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen over night, but you will become a great player that will put other people in awe!  That in itself is one of the key benefits of learning an instrument.

You need to put the time in!

Before moving on to other tips, it’s important to note that to be a good harmonica player you really need to put time and effort in.

Practicing for 1000 hours – that’s right 1000 hours – will have you playing better than you ever thought possible.

It’s a musical instrument and a skill that must be learnt, so it isn’t going to happen overnight.  There are no overnight successes in the music game!

Start with harmonicas that can bend

Cheaper harmonicas like the Hohner Special 20 and the Lee Oskar can bend.  This bend will help you to learn how to play and harness your skills.  While the stiffer harmonicas provide better sound they take some mastering.

It is much better to be able to play easily and hit the notes than to be fighting the harmonica in the early stages of practice and learning.

Don’t go with the cheapest harmonicas

Yes you can buy a harmonica for under 10 dollars.  Unfortunately, these harmonicas are not made well and you will be fighting to get good music out of the harmonica.

On this note, it is also worth buying more than one harmonica.  Having different styles will also help to improve your skills.  You can play blues, or different types of music to expand your overall skills.

This will help you to improve a lot quicker than just playing one type of music.

Blues Harmonica

This is the classic harmonica sound and a good way to improve your skills.  Buy a good beginners guide and practice and practice.

To start, you just need to focus on playing a single note that is clear.  You can then practice some riffs.  What you are looking to do is build up your basic skills until they are solid.  Once you know these basic skills you will have a good base to play other music.

If you can play blues on the harmonica, you can easily adapt to other genres later.

Listen to the best

Another great way to learn is to listen to good harmonica playing.

Buy some good CD’s and listen to how the pros play it.  This will have you improving your skills in no time.

In short, the harmonica is a fantastic instrument that is great for entertainment and can bring loads of fun and joy to the player.

Follow the tips above and you will become a harmonica super star in no time.

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