Five Reasons You Should Learn The Harmonica

Why You Should Join The Ranks of Harmonica Players

As the most popular instrument in the world, there is a range of reasons for why you should learn to play the harmonica.

To find out why it is the most popular instrument in the world, we look at the key reasons people want to play.

The five reasons below generally come up as the most popular.  In our mind they are very sound, and show exactly why you should learn to play the harmonica.

You can play so many different styles of music

The greatest thing about the harmonica is its diversity.  You can play the blues, jazz, rock, country and even classical.  What’s more you can learn to play all of these styles relatively easily.

The good part about this, is no matter what situation or scenario you are in, you will be able to play along.  Your trusty harmonica will help you mingle with any musicians and any crowd.

It improves health

Another benefit is the breathing techniques and control that come with playing the harmonica.  Being able to breathe deeply and in a controlled way will help to improve your long capacity and overall health.  There are also health benefits in terms of reducing anxiety and alleviating depression.

The breathing skills you learn by playing the harmonica will also equip you to play other instruments in the future as well, so its win-win.

It is seriously portable!

You can’t take a grand piano everywhere you go.  Also a double-base is almost as hard to carry.

The same isn’t true for your trusty harmonica.  All you need is a pocket, and you can take it with you.

This enables you to have jam sessions and fun no matter where you are in the world.  It’s these moments that will turn into amazing memories in your life.   On these merits alone it is a fantastic instrument to play.

You can’t play the blues without it!

The harmonica is one of the most fundamentals instruments for blues.  The rustic sounds add a soulful and unique aspect of any song that is being played.

In fact the harmonica is often considered to be the element that brings all of the other parts of blues together.  Back in the 1930s to 1950s, there were even bands that were dedicated to just harmonica players.  This is how important the harmonica is to the blues.

It’s not just a toy!

While many people believe that the harmonica is just a toy, this definitely isn’t the case.   A good harmonica player can create soulful and beautiful music.  Often better music than many of the more expensive instruments.  When down well, it is absolutely beautiful.

Don’t see the harmonica as just been a toy just because it is well priced.  The fact is, it’s an amazing instrument that has contributed to the music industry and has been played by some of the most famous musicians on the planet.

If you are considering a new instrument, the harmonica should be up there as a key consideration.

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