Happy Harpin: Learning Harmonica From A Pro

Why You Should Learn From JP Allen

Many opportunities to learn how to play the harmonica are offered by players who really aren’t teachers. Yes, some of these offers that are found online are presented by incredibly talented harmonica players, but they lack one fundamental aspect about learning anything. It must be taught. And not just anybody has the ability to teach. JP Allen happens to be one of the best teachers in the nation. He also happens to be one of the best harmonica players around.

Not That Hard to Learn

Sure, the harmonica may not be a hard instrument to learn, but if you’re interested in playing the harmonica to the best of your own abilities, finding a teacher/mentor to encourage you and find ways for you to discover your abilities will make the learning journey more enjoyable and productive. That’s why you really should consider taking harmonica lessons from Allen. His background teaching at the University of Texas for more than seven years and at Austin Community College for three years easily qualifies him as far as it goes having experience dealing with students eager to learn. Plus, Allen isn’t a history teacher who happens to play harmonica. He is a harmonica player who happens to teach harmonica rather well. No, you don’t have to travel to Texas and enroll in one his college campus courses. You’re in luck because Allen offers harmonica lessons online.

Why Choose Allen?

The question always surfaces when it comes to purchasing how-to lessons online about anything since there is usually competition between offers. Well, most of the harmonica teaching sites you will find on the Internet offer a pay-as-you-go plan that can really get expensive after a while. Allen offers a one-time fee that can even be paid in a few installments making the entire course affordable to anyone. Plus, he has the “street cred” to back up his statements that anyone can learn how to play at professional levels. While performing in the Austin area for 10 years from 1994 until 2004, Allen developed a reputation as a top notch harmonica player. He was chosen to record and perform with Grammy-nominated artist Abra Moore. In fact, one of the reasons that led him into developing how-to-play harmonica educational online series was basically an answer to, ”Gosh, I wish I could take lessons from you, but we’re just visiting Austin.”

Make Your Friends Say ‘Wow’

If you really want to make your friends stand up and notice saying, “Wow, I didn’t know you could play harmonica that well,” then you need to get a hold of Allen’s lessons. He’s discovered a fundamental truth to success that is applied toward teaching people how to play the harmonica, and that is there is no practice involved. Allen instructs students to employ a method that is being used by children since the dawn of time to learn anything, just do it, just play.

Putting in just seven minutes per week playing along to the lesson videos will have students playing songs in no time. It doesn’t matter if you are new to music or been trying to play harmonica for a while, Allen’s lessons will soon have you stage worthy playing with competence that will astound everyone you know. If you can’t devote seven minutes, don’t buy the lessons.

Bono of U2, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, and Shakira – these are just a few of world-famous musicians who can play the harmonica like virtuosos and who have incorporated its sound into their music. With the Happy Harpin’ – the harmonica is also called the harp – lessons conducted by JP Allen, you have plenty of opportunities to play like a pro. You can then entertain your family and friends during parties, jam with musicians in private sessions, and even play in a blues or rock band!

Two Main Benefits

According to JP Allen, his harmonica lessons are the best among online classes for two main reasons. We are inclined to believe his claims considering that he is a well-respected harmonica teacher at the University of Texas and the Austin Community College, aside from his experience with a touring band. His clients have also testified as to the effective results of his online teaching methods, a few of which will be discussed in the following section.

The three main benefits that attract clients to the Happy Harpin’ lessons are:

  • Seven Minutes of Daily Practice Only – This is different from other online harmonica lessons where the teacher provides for a week of instruction, usually an hour each day, and then leaves the student to practice on her own. Unfortunately, it often leads to boredom, backsliding and picking up on bad habits sans the teacher’s guidance. In JP Allen’s lessons, you only need to set aside 7 minutes of your time each day for the lessons, which cover a wide range of topics from essential breathing and hand techniques to rhythm, melody and harmony. You are assured of expert guidance every step of the way, not to mention that 7 minutes takes little out of your daily schedule.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions – Learning to play the harmonica is made easier, faster and more fun than ever before. This is because the Happy Harpin’ lessons are designed for virtually everybody who wants to play the harmonica like a virtuoso. Each lesson builds on the gains of the last lessons, all while making it fun to learn for the entire 15 cumulative hours of the program.

Well, of course, you have to subscribe to the full Happy Harpin’ course to judge for yourself. Judging from the customer reviews, nonetheless, you can look forward to a great time with JP Allen while learning to make music on your harmonica.

Things You Will Learn

The lessons included in the cumulative 15 hours of video instructions include but are not limited to:

  • Blues rhythm patterns and rhythm jam
  • Techniques in breathing, blowing and drawing as well as coughing including the so-called tongue twister
  • Taps, triangle patterns and hand quacking
  • Bending, improvisation, and slip sliding away

JP Allen emphasizes learning to play the harmonica starting with rhythm instead of melody and technique. This is his secret to teaching the harmonica, just as he did with the award-winning Abra Moore.

A quick look at the student testimonials on the Happy Harpin’ official website reveals several positive reviews. Many thanked JP Allen for the easy, fast and fun lessons that made them learn difficult pieces like the Bohemian Rhapsody, Bad Moon Rising and bar blues progression while others were grateful for the opportunity to jam with bands, thanks to their newfound musical skills.

JP Allen has found a great way to leave a good legacy to the harmonica world via the Happy Harpin’ video instruction series. Now, if only you can tune it to these lessons.

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