Harmonica Tabs For Those Who Don’t Read Music

Music Tabs to The Rescue

For those who cannot read sheet music, harmonic music tabs are a popular alternative that can help you learn to play the correct notes. These tabs shows the note for a song number that corresponds to each hole on the harmonica, for example the number 3 is usually used to let players know to blow into the third hole of the harmonica.

Harmonica music tabs are very poplar and entire websites are devoted to providing them and provide instructions for playing solos and riffs. Tabs can generally be found that are designed for basic songs and intermediate and advanced tunes.

For those new to playing the harmonica, beginner levels songs should be used, these are songs that are played in the 1st position, more advanced learners can play songs in the 2nd position.

To indicate when bends are used tabs usually use plus and minus signs, for instance, a -3 would mean that you inhale on hole 3 while a + 3 would mean you blow into hole 3. An unsigned number also usually means to blow Additional notations may also be used to let a player know other alterations. For instance, arrows may be used to let the player know which direction to blow.

Tabs can be useful and offer a quick indicator of knowing how to play numerous songs, however, they usually do not provide much assistance with music timing or rhythm and therefore, those who rely on these methods may find that the music they play does not sound as it should!

Once harmonica players began to be proficient with playing songs on the instrument, learning sheet music is usually recommended over tabs to offer a much greater variety of songs to play. Harmonica music tabs can also be provided with sheet music to help harp players better understand harmonica-specific techniques.

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