Harmonicas Made of Gold

Materials Used to Make Harmonicas: Do Gold Harmonicas Sound Better?

A gold harmonica is not just a luxury for the rich and famous. Although harmonicas are made out of a variety of different materials, the most common materials used to construct harmonicas are wood, plastic and metals such as aluminum.

Most harmonica players believe that the type of material used in the harmonica’s construction will affect the quality of sound that the instrument produces, for instance wood is thought to have a warmer sound while plastic is believed to have a colder sound. Most experts, however, believe that any difference is sound is not distinguishable to the listener.

One problem with the materials used in harmonicas, however, is the fact that certain materials can wear over time. For instance, wood harmonicas are often preferred for playing blues music, wood instruments; however, may also leak air and the wooden comb may swell with moisture and warp overtime.

Wood can also be subject to humidity related changes in size, splintering and so on. Although plastic and wood are relatively economical to purchase, there is a concern about their durability.

For those who want to protect their harmonica against damage and want an instrument that is virtually indestructible gold is becoming the material of choice. 24-Karat Gold harmonicas provide visually stunning style appeal and can be engraved at the top and the base with the musicians name or other words for a completely unique and personalized instrument.

Gold harmonicas are useful for professional players but also work well as a gift for casual harmonica players who need a little extra encouragement to keep playing. Yes, gold will cost more upfront, but players rave that the material gives their harmonica a boost in performance providing exceptional volume, clarity and a smooth feel that is easy to grip.

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