Seven Secrets About the Harmonica Player

Secrets Revealed

Harmonica players are an interesting lot.  They have a unique skill set, can play fantastic music, and often have a great perspective and view on life.

On top of this they are generally very happy.  Below are seven secrets that a lot of people don’t know about harmonica players.  Enjoy!

Good players don’t play sitting down

Even when practicing, good harmonica players don’t sit down.  They like to have more air in their lungs and move around with the music.  To them, this is part of the experience of playing the harmonica.

It also looks a lot better on stage when they are standing and moving.

They spend a lot of time by themselves

This used to be referred to as spending time in the woodshed.  While they are generally social people, they know that they need to spend a lot of time by themselves to become better players and to think of better music to play.

Leading on from this, many harmonica players are actually introverts.  This means that they get the energy from themselves rather than other people.

Without spending some time by themselves, chances are they wouldn’t play as well or be as creative.

They play with other people – a jam

While they spend time by themselves, they also spend time playing with other harmonica players.  This improvisation and mixing in with other players, helps to round out their skills and playing.

They practice…a lot

Because most harmonica players love their instrument and making music, practicing isn’t much of a chore.  Many of the best players in the world spend over twenty hours a week practicing.

That’s a lot of time, and explains why they play so well.

They like to entertain

Many harmonica players may be introverts, however this doesn’t mean that they don’t like to play and entertain other people.

Whenever they can they like to play and bring joy to people through the music that they play.  Sounds like a pretty noble pursuit if you ask us!

They never leave home without their harmonica!

The beauty about the harmonica is that it can be carried with a person anywhere.  On a plane, on a train or on a boat, it can be carried in a pocket.

This means that you can practice anywhere anytime, or play it in any location.

They are generally happier and healthier than other people

As an interesting side fact, harmonica players are generally happier than other people.  They are satisfied; like that they have a good hobby, and enjoy life.  On top of this, the breathing that they do to play the harmonica also helps to make them feel relaxed.

The harmonica is a fantastic instrument.  However, what really make it unique are the players that play the instruments.  The above seven facts are just some of the many characteristics that make harmonica players unique.  Why not join them!

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