Why The Harmonica Is Still A Cool Instrument

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The harmonica has been around for well over a century.  During this time its popularity has gone up and down, as with many musical instruments.

What is interesting to note however, is just how popular the harmonica is.  Even today it is still the best selling instrument of all time.

But what makes is so popular.  So cool?  Below are three reason why the harmonica is cool, and played almost everywhere on the planet.

A lot of really “cool” famous people play it

There are some very famous, and well liked musicians that play the harmonica.  To name two the legendary Stevie wonder and also Bob Dylan.  It is icons like this that has shot the harmonica to fame.

When you see it played well, it is an amazing experience.  The mix of singing and harmonica playing seems to be a real winner and creates a fantastic show and performance for all in attendance.  It’s a great experience.

The cost of a harmonica is affordable

This is a second reason.  We deliberately didn’t want it to be number one, because we don’t want people to think this is the only reason the harmonica is popular.

Where instruments can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars, the humble harmonica will set you back only twenty to forty dollars – and that’s for aquality harmonica.

This makes the instrument affordable to people from all backgrounds and in all countries.

For anyone who wants to experience the pleasure of music, then it is a great option. This is why the harmonica is sold is almost every country in the world.

The medical benefits

One of the major reasons that the harmonica is so popular is because of the medical benefits that can be derived.

This was especially true in the 1940s and 1950s where doctors would recommend the playing of the harmonica to help create a stronger diaphragm.

The key reason doctors recommended the harmonica is because it was fun to play and relatively priced.  This meant that people were a lot more likely to have one – or buy one – and then use it to help improve their breathing.

It has been used to help people with asthma, those with pleurisy, and others who had a range of breathing problems.

The harmonica was also used to help treat anxiety and depression.  The controlled deep breathing is renowned for helping improve people’s happiness.

Even today, people still use the harmonica to help for medical reasons.

The above three reasons, are by no means a comprehensive list of why the harmonica is such a popular instrument.  There are many other reasons.

What it does show however, is just how versatile the instrument is and why it is so well liked.  Next time you pick up your harmonica take a second to think about all the other benefits as well – not just the pleasure you get from making great music!  Enjoy!

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