Why the Harmonica is Still a Great Instrument

The Instrument of Choice

Over the last century the harmonica in all its simplicity has remained one of the most popular instruments in the world.

While this is due in part to the price and availability of the harmonica, there is also a certain charm that adds to this appeal.

Below we share why the harmonica is a great instrument and why it is still as popular today as it was when it was first invented.

Harmonicas improve your overall health

The harmonica like many other woodwind or brass instruments has a lot of health benefits.  It’s hard to imagine that such an enjoyable and simple activity can help your health.

The key benefits include:

  • Improvements to and control of breathing
  • Increasing both lung capacity and power in your lungs
  • Reduction in stress and anxiety levels (it is relaxing)
  • Reduce the risk of depression (you feel good when you play)
  • Regulation of both blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Improvements in concentration.

So as well as enjoying yourself, you can improve your overall health by playing the harmonica as well.

It’s fast to learn

The harmonic, while still requiring skills, can allow people to play and enjoy simple music almost instantly.

The aspect that makes it simple is that you can quickly get a tune in your head and play it as you would either whistling or humming a tune.

Once you know the basics of the different notes, then it is relatively easy to play a tune.  This allows fast access to music and all of its therapeutic benefits.

It’s small and convenient

While other instruments such as a piano can produce amazing music, they aren’t convenient to carry around.  With a harmonica you can place it in your pocket and have music wherever you are.  On a train, at an airport, or on holiday you will always have your music close at hand.

It’s not too loud

While this isn’t a huge benefit to the person playing the harmonica, it does mean you can play it in a lot of places without too much complaint.  Much better than an electric guitar or the drums which command attention of neighbors or people nearby.

The price

This is possibly the biggest benefit of all.  The price is cheap.  It is in reach of almost everyone.  Pianos can cost 1000s of dollars.  Guitars also aren’t cheap.  With a harmonica for twenty to thirty dollars you can afford one.

The above is by no means an extensive list.  But, what it does show is why the harmonica is popular.  If you are already a player, make the most of it!  If you aren’t then you should consider learning to play.  Harmonica music is relaxing, and also has a range of health benefits.  Here’s to the music.

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